Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Back to School for Benjamin & Catherine

dressed and ready for another year of school

new school sign - Sunset Park Center for Accelerated Studies

Catherine is getting so tall

super excited about her new backpack... a birthday gift

big 5th grader

Catherine and Mary Frances, one of her friends and classmates

loaded up to head home after walking big brother and sister into school

How quickly the summer passed and here we are... another 1st day of school. This time, it's 3rd and 5th grades. It began hitting me hard that this was the last "1st day" of walking Benjamin into elementary school. I can remember like yesterday taking him to the door of his kindergarten class on his first day there, and like a flash, he's now a 5th grader. Catherine's a 3rd grader which means she's half way through with elementary school. They're super excited about their year and are anticipating it being a challenging one as they are both in gifted and talented classes where all of their work will be accelerated... so lots of interesting new things to learn should await both of them. Here's to another awesome year at Sunset Park!

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