Monday, January 24, 2011

Time for tea...

beautiful and proper

wearing a pretty dress that belonged to me when I was a little girl

Mary Scott and Mommy

time for a tea party!

Mary Scott thought the tables were so pretty

ready for 9 little ladies and their dollies


enjoying the tea party

yummy snacks

Mary Scott and "Lily Anne", one of her Bitty Twins she got for her birthday

a spot for the birthday girl

decorating straw hats for the dollies

"Lily Anne" wearing her lovely hat

the little roses added a nice touch

will you join me for a cup of tea?

one of the cutest little "friends" at the tea party

We celebrated Mary Scott's 5th birthday this past Saturday and had a delightful time. I enjoyed every minute of it, even the planning and preparation. It was my first time giving a tea party, and somehow it just captured me. The days leading up to it, Mary Scott became more and more excited and kept saying, "Mommy, I'm so excited about my tea party! How many more days?" Her anticipation sure made every bit of my effort worth it.

When Saturday finally arrived and the tables were set, the food was out and the candles were lit, we were thrilled to welcome our first guests. As each precious little friend came in, we started one of our crafts: decorating a straw hat for their dolly (or whatever they brought). Once all the dollies were dressed in their beautiful hats, the little ladies gathered around the table for snacks and "tea." The girls were so sweet and well mannered. After finishing their tea and singing Happy Birthday to Mary Scott, it was off to the craft table again to make tissue paper flowers. We finished up our time together with a lesson on setting the table.

It truly was a wonderful time. Mary Scott kept a beautiful smile on her face and seemed to have so much fun. Of course, Brian was pitching in and helping all along the way, and Benjamin and Catherine were wonderful helpers, too. We appreciated our friend Ashlyn helping with the crafts and all the moms, too. I'm so thankful it all went wonderfully, and most of all, I'm thankful Mary Scott felt loved and celebrated.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

a weekend at the farm

We always enjoy getting down to the farm where I grew up. The children could spend all day playing and wondering around outside... free from the constraints of city life. Soaking up family time, riding the four-wheeler, hunting, taking down deer stands and celebrating Mary Scott's upcoming birthday made the weekend especially enjoyable. It always seems the time goes by too quickly!

Mimi playing with the grandchildren

Uncle Casey getting the 4-wheeler all gassed up

nephew and cousin, Abrahm

nephew and cousin, Ezra

Catherine and "Ezzy"

Mary Scott ready for a trailer ride

we were excited to have Brian's parents, aka Nana & Popa, join us at the farm

Brian's little sister, Katie Beth joined us too... fun!

three generations

Mary Scott giving Nanny some sparkle!

three generations again

we celebrated Mary Scott's upcoming birthday with a cake

Anna's not to sure about Benjamin and all his hunting gear

Benjamin and CJ, nephew and cousin, heading out to deer hunt

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

goofy litte Anna

Anna girl is full of spunk, determination, independence and energy. She is so much fun and incredibly loving. She sure keeps us on our toes and adds so much "life" to our home. Anna loves shoes, anybody's shoes... this night, she was prancing around in Benjamin's shoes... that goofy girl!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

the big snow

It came, just as the weather man said it would... SNOW... and plenty of it! We awoke Monday morning, January 10th, to the snow pouring from the sky. It snowed most of the day clothing the ground with nearly 5 inches. Then to top it off, the ice came, so we enjoyed three days at home. The kids had plenty of time for sledding and all sorts of snow and ice fun. Staying warm was top on my list of priorities!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Anna 1st haircut

Anna made it to 2 1/2 years old before her first haircut. She anticipated the big day with much excitement and sat perfectly straight and still the whole time. I was so proud of her!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Mary Scott is reading!

Anna is practicing her reading... just like her big sister

Mary Scott brought in the new year with a big accomplishment: she started reading. New years day she picked up a "Bob book" and read it... just like that. Boy she was beaming from ear to ear, and I'm sure I was, too! We are all proud of her. There's just something about learning to read - seems it opens up a whole new world.