Saturday, February 28, 2009


I couldn't resist the opportunity to share these hilarious but adorable pictures of Anna.  Could "rolls" ever be more precious than on a chunky little baby?  The other night, I was trying to clean up the kitchen after dinner, Brian was busy and Anna was in need of attention.  So I ventured to sit Anna in the kitchen sink next to where I was loading the dishwasher.  She was completely content to explore the water running from the faucet.  I later decided to go ahead and bathe her in the sink, and oh my goodness, what little rolls beheld me.  I'm beginning to wonder if I should invest in a baby bra for her.  Is there such a thing?  She is one "healthy" baby girl.  If I wasn't nursing her, I might be concerned I was giving her a few too many bottles.  I guess my milk just really agrees with her!

Anna's at such a sweet age.  I want to hold onto every day, as it seems they are going by so quickly.  Even Catherine said the other day, "Mommy, Anna is just growing up way too fast."  I couldn't agree more.  She's been saying "by-by-by" for a while and a couple weeks ago as we were strolling through Target, she started saying "da-da."  I try to teach her every day to say "ma-ma" but to no avail.  I just know one day soon she's gonna finally say it, and it will be music to my ears.  She's sitting up real well now and is exploring everything with her hands and mouth.  She's eating baby food well and is learning to pick up puffs and cheerios and put them in her mouth.  She's still a little choke with them sometimes, though.  And she loves to give kisses (I guess that's what you'd call them).  When Brian or I pick her up, she instantly goes for our faces with her mouth.  She is so precious and so much fun.


Benjamin is becoming the smoothie chef at our house.  So while we enjoyed a smoothie he made for us after school yesterday, he and Catherine started making plans for a business.  In no time they were discussing money and who would make what.  Catherine thought they should split profits 50/50 then Benjamin quickly named himself "boss" and said he'd give Catherine 2/5 of the profits.  No matter the situation, Benjamin always has to be in control.  Next thing I knew, they were adorning the front porch with advertisements.  Maybe we have some budding entrepreneurs on our hands. 


Benjamin was awarded "Terrific Kid" in his 3rd grade class for the month of February.  We are so proud of him and his hard work and good behavior at school.  His teacher, Mrs. Pundt, said several great things about him including, "good attitude, loves to learn and eager to listen, asks great questions, beautiful smile, big heart, willing to help others in class, happy, positive outlook."  She said, "Benjamin makes the definition complete for being a Terrific Kid!"  I sure was a proud Mommy as I listened to the principal saying all these wonderful things about Benjamin.  I'm so honored to be his mom.


Last Sunday, February 22nd, we had Anna's dedication at our church.  It was a really special time for our family to make a public profession of our committing to bring Anna up in the instruction and admonition of the Lord.  Our pastor prayed a precious prayer over Anna and specifically prayed that she would grow to be a woman of prayer just as "Anna" in the Bible.  The Bible speaks of  "Anna" in Luke 2:36-38 and says in verse 37b, "She never left the temple but worshiped night and day, fasting and praying."  Oh, how wonderful will be to see her seeking the Lord with all her heart.

We were glad my mom and Brian's parents were able to share in Anna' dedication, as well some of our close friends.  It was a wonderful day for sure.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Pretty roses given by Brian to each of his girls

Brian leading our family in worship Sunday morning 

My slippered foot and Mary Scott sipping gatorade as we praise the Lord together

Benjamin and Catherine lifting their voices to the Lord

Reading from God's Word as we had church at home

Catherine excited as she recites Philippians  2:3

Little Mary Scott on the mend but still not feeling great

This weekend was marked by changed plans due to our very sick little Mary Scott.  It all began early Friday afternoon when she began vomiting continuously for a solid hour.  As fear crept into my soul as she couldn't stop and I knew not what to do, I laid hands on her and prayed that God would give her reprieve.  Finally, after an hour, the vomiting subsided for a few minutes and the nurse from our pediatrician's office returned my call.  She informed me of a horrible stomach virus going around marked by uncontrollable vomiting followed by several days of diarrhea (yuk!!!).  She went on to tell me it has generally been going through entire families (we are praying against this, for sure!).  

I am very thankful this morning to report Mary Scott hasn't vomited since late last night.  She was amazingly calm and independent all through Friday night as she threw up many, many times.  Due to some medicine her pediatrician prescribed, she was at least able to keep down tiny amounts of pedialyte for an hour or so keeping her from getting dangerously dehydrated.  Yesterday, she slept most of the day with only short wake times when we encouraged her to drink.  By the evening, in addition to her apple flavored pedialyte, strawberry jello, a grape popsicle, and some sprite, she tried to eat a couple of saltines and a little bit of applesauce.  Later, she through up a tiny bit but managed to rest well most of the night.  And this morning, Mary Scott awoke very weak and still tired but with help and encouragement, has taken a few little bites of a banana along with clear drinks and jello after which she has seemed to perk up a bit.

Though Valentine's day was spent at home, sweet Brian celebrated his love for each of us.  He presented his girls, Catherine, Mary Scott, Anna and myself, with roses (a separate bouquet for each of us).  And Benjamin got a big old bear hug - the kind only a daddy can give- along with words communicating his love for his son.  What a precious and loving husband and father Brian is.  And I had special little gifts for Brian and the children as tokens of my love for each of them.

Instead of attending church for worship this morning, we praised our Lord from home.  As Brian played the keyboard, we sang songs of worship and praise then spent time in the Word reading in Luke about the birth of John the Baptist.  We went on to begin memorizing Philippians 2:3 which says, "Let nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit, but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than himself."  I also shared some thoughts and scripture on love noted from a favorite blog of mine.  It was a sweet time together although we missed the chance to worship with other fellow believers at our church.

So it's been a different kind of weekend... very quiet, at times restful and at times not restful at all.  Mary Scott hasn't been her typical lively and often loud little self.  I've spent much of the time in pajamas with face not made.  And we've each washed hands many, many times and used squirt after squirt of hand sanitizer.  Sprayed Lysol and brought out the Clorox.  And we've prayed over Mary Scott for her healing and prayed for God's grace and protection on our home that this horrible sickness would stop with her.  But we've been together, and for that, I am thankful.

Monday, February 9, 2009


Benjamin had his first "major" project of his school career due week before last.  He has been studying South Carolina History during 3rd grade and did a project on Francis Marion, a military leader during the Revolutionary war who was from SC.  Benjamin enjoys history so he didn't mind the research part of things.  Apart from helping him proof read his written report and being sure his paragraphs had a topic sentence with information that supported that topic then a closing sentence that restated the topic (oh, it's been a while!), he did the project all by himself.  Even typed his report without my help. He also did a power point presentation.  Brian helped him set up the application then Benjamin went to town.  He even taught other children in his class how to create a power point.  Maybe I can get him to teach me!  It amazes me how early they are learning certain things.  I went to watch him along with some other class mates do their presentations.  Benjamin looked so handsome in his "Francis Marion" attire and did a great job presenting.  Thanks to some nervousness, he talked quite fast, but there's one thing for sure... I was one proud Mommy!

And then to make me even prouder, he presented me with his first "Principal's Scholar" certificate.  Thanks to the straight "A's" on his report card, he made the Honor Role.  I hope this is the first of many as he works hard in the months and years ahead to apply himself in school and be the best student he can be.  Brian and I have told him how much his hard work will pay off come college time.  Keep up the great work, Buddy... Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you!


This past Friday night, Benjamin invited his friend, Austin, over for a sleep-over after their basketball game.  Austin is one of Benjamin's best friends from down the street in our neighborhood.  They had a great time building a tent in Benjamin's room.  Brian and I had to help them secure the edges before they could get all tucked into their sleeping bags to go to sleep.  It was fun to watch their excitement.  On Saturday morning, they worked together to make home-made waffles for us for breakfast.  They did a great job, and the waffles were delicious!  It was just an ordinary weekend made special by the company of a friend.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I couldn't resist capturing my sweet Anna as she sat on the floor "blowing raspberries" with all her might.  The simplicity of passing the time in such a free spirited way seems wonderful.  I love it!


Can you see it?  Anna's first little tooth started breaking through last week just as she turned 7 months old.  It's her bottom left one and the bottom right one is working it's way up.  She hasn't been sleeping very well - waking up crying at night.  Other than that partnered with some occasional fussiness, she seems to be tolerating it okay.

Monday, February 2, 2009


The day Mary Scott was born - January 26th, 2006

Yes, Mary Scott enjoyed her chocolate frosted doughnut

We had fun having a Tea Party together

Our tea was white grape juice and our tidbits... gummy bears

Mary Scott's favorite - frosted with sprinkles

Benjamin as, "Benji the Snowman"

Mary Scott's snowman cupcake, complete with 3 candles and snowballs

Sisters in their snowman wear

"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you...."

Celebrating with friends

Last Monday, I spent the morning celebrating Mary Scott on her 3rd birthday.  How quickly these first three years of her life have gone.  After taking Benjamin and Catherine to school, I took Mary Scott to one of our favorite treat places, Dunkin Doughnuts.  I got her favorite doughnuts, chocolate frosted with sprinkles before returning home.  She and I ate doughnuts as part of our morning tea party together.  It was a really sweet time for both of us.  We also read  a couple of books to top off our time.  She had fun the whole day and said many times, "It's my birthday.  January 26th!"  At lunch time, we found a package by our door from Aunt Katie Beth.  It was so cute, Mary Scott opened it up and was so excited.  She said, "Mommy, it's a pizza," with the biggest smile ever.  She was celebrating that Aunt Katie Beth had mailed her a pizza for her birthday.  Yes, it was a pizza box but not a pizza.  There were several surprises inside the box.  Her favorite... the book, The Little House, which we have read nearly every day since Monday.  We had a wonderful day of celebration.

Catherine made Mary Scott a really sweet card.  One of the things she wrote in the card said, "You are a good sister."  Oh how I pray my girls will grow up being the best of friends.  And I hope Benjamin will always be close to them, too.  I read once that at home with their siblings is where children learn how to have christian friendships, relationships.  And further that although outside friends may come and go, siblings will always be there so those friendships are truly the dearest.  I thought that was so good.  And it reminded me why I invest so much energy into "training" them in how they treat one another.  I'm not okay with this attitude the world has of, "oh they're siblings, there supposed to fight."

We had a snowman party on Saturday with a few of Mary Scott's friends to celebrate.  She had so much fun.  In all, 5 friends came (Isabelle, Lily, Garrett, Kallah & Caroline).  They shared a snack and a snowman cupcake before dressing Benjamin up like a snowman.  When given the option of doing a snowman craft or playing - playing won their vote!  Mary Scott had a great time with her friends and is enjoying the fun gifts they brought her... a wagon just her size, a beauty kit with a working hairdryer, a beautiful tea set, a huge floor puzzle and an awesome story/picture Bible.  Wow, thank you to everyone!

Mary Scott, you are a ray of sunshine to our family.  You have this smile that is totally your own.  And you are so funny and full of personality.  Definitely the comedian in our family.  You speak of Jesus often and love to pray.  And these days, you're quite the independent one (which I celebrate often, but sometimes I just need you to let me do it!).  You're my more cautious, often fearful, child - definitely not a risk taker.  You find bugs really scary, even little ones.  But you've overcome some fears, too, like sliding and swinging.  You've decided they're quite fun.  You love to go to church and look forward to seeing your friends there.  And you have some precious things you say.  One word you've made up is "tomornin."  You seem to say it in reference to tomorrow, in the morning and even sometimes for yesterday.  You've referred to the breakfast room table as, "that counter we eat on."  And when you speak of Daddy or me, it's always, "My Daddy," or "My Mommy."  So cute your little voice is!  And loud, you're often quite the loud one.  You seem to have two volumes... either I don't hear you at all or you're screaming.  I often wonder if that's because you're a 3rd child and have to be sure you're heard.  And you love your daddy with every ounce of your being.  You get so excited when he gets home from work and often, he's the first one you ask for in the morning when you wake.  What a precious, precious girl you are.  You are a delight to me and one of my prayers for you that I have been praying since you were still growing in my tummy has been that just as the Bible speaks of Mary (sister of Martha, Luke 10:38-42) sitting at Jesus' feet and listening to him... that you will be a "Mary" Scott who sits before the Lord all the days of your life listening and knowing him, not being distracted by the ways of this world... but that you would be sold out and fully dedicated to his ways.  Precious girl, the Lord has great things in store for you and for all of us who will do just that... sit at his feet and KNOW him.  I love you and celebrate you, and I am so very thankful God chose me to be your mommy.