Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mary Scott's last "1st day" of Preschool

such a pretty girl, and tall too!

a little posy for your 1st day of preschool

Mrs. Taylor showing Mary Scott around the classroom

Daddy's shirt repurposed into a new outfit for Mary Scott

ready to go home after a fun morning at school

It's still a mystery to me how quickly time flies. How can it be that today was Mary Scott's last "1st day" of preschool? She's a 4k'er now and will be off to kindergarten next year. It almost feels like yesterday that we moved to Rock Hill, and she was only 6 months old! She has excitedly anticipated preschool starting and had a wonderful day. I think she'll enjoy her classmates as a number of them are already dear little friends. And her teachers, Mrs. Taylor and Mrs. Hebebrand, seem delightful. Mary Scott looked cute as a button this morning, big smile and all, as we headed off to school.

I stayed up last night after everyone else was in bed to make a little outfit for her first day. I enjoyed the quiet time and the chance to be creative and sew... it's sure been a while! It was a fun little project. I repurposed an old dress shirt of Brian's into a skirt and put a cute little posy on a hand me down t-shirt. It turned out well and is more special because it first belonged to Daddy. I fashioned the skirt from this blog post: The posy on the t-shirt was inspired by my wonderfully talented and creative friend Corrie. I'm so thankful for people who are willing to share their ideas!

Sweet Mary Scott... Mommy's proud of you, and I love you! I'm glad you had a wonderful day at preschool.


Heather J said...

Monica - it turned out soooo cute! If only I had a little girl to dress!!! Oh well, I sure do enjoy all my nieces!

Rebekah Judd said...

What a cute idea. I'm stealing it. Great job, Monica!

Christie said...

I am so glad you posted this! It just turned out beautiful! I am so impressed with your sewing! She will treasure this picture and outfit and the best news of all...little Anna gets to wear all the love, too (love because it is her daddy's shirt and love because you made it!) So special! Love to you, Christie