Sunday, January 16, 2011

a weekend at the farm

We always enjoy getting down to the farm where I grew up. The children could spend all day playing and wondering around outside... free from the constraints of city life. Soaking up family time, riding the four-wheeler, hunting, taking down deer stands and celebrating Mary Scott's upcoming birthday made the weekend especially enjoyable. It always seems the time goes by too quickly!

Mimi playing with the grandchildren

Uncle Casey getting the 4-wheeler all gassed up

nephew and cousin, Abrahm

nephew and cousin, Ezra

Catherine and "Ezzy"

Mary Scott ready for a trailer ride

we were excited to have Brian's parents, aka Nana & Popa, join us at the farm

Brian's little sister, Katie Beth joined us too... fun!

three generations

Mary Scott giving Nanny some sparkle!

three generations again

we celebrated Mary Scott's upcoming birthday with a cake

Anna's not to sure about Benjamin and all his hunting gear

Benjamin and CJ, nephew and cousin, heading out to deer hunt

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