Friday, September 18, 2009

Anna's Walking

Anna hasn't been in any hurry to walk. For the past couple of weeks, she's been taking a few steps here and there. But this week, she has finally taken off. She tends to resort often to crawling although each day seems to bring more steps than the day before. She's occasionally getting herself to standing without pulling up and is taking at least 10 or more steps before falling. She gets the sweetest little grin like she's so proud of herself. With more mobility, comes more bumps and bruises for sure. Last weekend, she attempted to climb out of the play car instead of opening the door to get out, and she landed head first on the patio and got a nice bruise on her forehead. I know this just comes with the stage, but I sure don't like seeing her pretty little face all marked up. We're so excited at our house to see her taking those sweet little unbalanced first steps. This isn't a high quality video of her but I couldn't pass up sharing it.


Heather J said...

I love love love these pictures!!!! Soo cute!!! Just last week Carter had a matching goose-egg to match Anna's!

dandsratz said...

Hip Hip Hurray for Baby Anna!! I LOVE watching those first wobbly steps...its absolutely priceless!! I'm with you though...I hate the bruises that come along with those steps...:(