Monday, September 21, 2009

"Oh, say can you see..."

A few weeks ago, Benjamin auditioned for his school chorus and made it. We were all thrilled. They practice on Wednesday afternoons right after school and had their first performance this past Friday night singing the National Anthem at the Winthrop University women's volleyball game. Each of the children was looking polished... black bow tie and all... and they sang beautifully. My heart swelled up as I listened and my eyes filled with tears... just thinking about the years that lie ahead, opportunities Benjamin will have, chances for us to support and encourage him as he is learning to be a Godly young man. After singing they all got in position to cheer on the team and give 'em five as the starters where introduced. High fives with a bunch of college girls.... I'll leave it at saying Benjamin was excited. And the game was fun, too. It was a great way to start our weekend.


Rebekah Judd said...

Yay for chorus!! He does look very dapper, so I'm sure the college girls were impressed ;)

dandsratz said...

That is SOOOO neat!!! What an exciting opportunity!! And definetely a grand way to start a weekend! :)