Friday, November 13, 2009


How precious is the love between these sisters! Mary Scott adores Catherine and awaits her arrival home from school every day. She looks forward to them playing together... school, house, gymnastics... whatever they happen to create in their make-believe world. They will disappear for a while and later I'll find them deep in the heart of play... I love it! I never had a sister growing up, and my brother is 4 1/2 years older than me, and let's just say he was never much into playing baby dolls with me! Because we lived on a farm way out in the country, I seldom had friends over to play, so often you'd find me in my room talking away to all my make believe friends because that's all I had. I think I'm especially fond of watching my girls play together so contently because I didn't have that as little girl. One of my prayers for them is that their hearts would be bound together tightly throughout their lives.

As I'm sitting here typing, Mary Scott is looking at the pictures of her and Catherine and saying, "I love Catherine so much!"

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the Andersons said...

SO sweet! I love those pictures. Having a sister is a real treasure! They are so blessed to have each other...and little Anna too!