Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mary Scott's Fall 3K Fieldtrip

Anna and I joined Mary Scott for a class field trip last week to frolic among all things fall... apples, pumpkins, hay bales and farm animals. The children kept smiles on their faces the whole time as evidence they were certainly enjoying themselves. I had fun watching Mary Scott interact and play with her school friends... she looks so forward to seeing them each week on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Otherwise, I was chasing Anna all over the place. She is one active little girl! She didn't miss a beat - joined in everything all the older children were doing. We all enjoyed the beautiful fall morning!

Mary Scott leading us through the corn maze

even Anna gave the corn maze a try!

having fun looking at the pigs

Mary Scott and friends
jumping on a hay trampoline... fun, fun, fun!

a horse is a horse... of course!

taking in all the farm animals

Anna enjoyed the animals, too

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Corrie said...

that must be black's...we went there last weekend! the kids had a blast! hope you are doing well.