Sunday, July 27, 2008

Brian's parents, Scott & Cathy, or better known around our house as Poppa & Nanna, came up to see us. They arrived late Wednesday night, July 16th, and were with us through the weekend. We had a great time together soaking up family time with them. They were both huge blessings while here. Nanna prepared many wonderful meals, did laundry, cleaned bathrooms, vacuumed, loved on the children...she was just serving away (definitely one of her gifts). Scott played with the children and did an awesome paint job in his newest grand-daughter's room (even while looking after Benjamin, Catherine and Mary Scott). I know Anna will just love it once she's old enough to know the difference, but for now I'll enjoy it! Thank you both for helping us in such big ways.

Apart from relaxing at home, we had a great time picking blueberries with Nanna and Poppa. I think we all had as much fun picking them as we did eating them. I'm always glad when my children get to spend time harvesting fruits or vegetables so they learn where wholesome food really comes from. And I feel they get to experience a little bit of what my life was like growing up on a farm.

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Coaleman said...

What wonderful looking family. It looks like life is treating the Judd's good.

JC - Lewisville, NC