Sunday, July 27, 2008

Uncle Paul, Aunt Rebekah and Avery joined us on Friday night, July 18th. Originally Uncle Mark, Aunt Heather, Anderson and Carter were coming, too, but Carter got an upset stomach (possibly a virus) so they decided it best to stay at home and come another time. We missed y'all.

Benjamin, Catherine and Mary Scott were so excited to see Avery. They were still awake anticipating her arrival. So once they got to our house, we all gathered in Catherine and Mary Scott's room for a short little family visit so they could love on Avery. It was precious watching all of them together.

We had a great time hanging out all weekend - low key, just the way we like it! We took another trip to the blueberry farm and went for a dip at our little neighborhood pool. Other than that, we just ate yummy food and savored the chance to all be together.

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