Monday, February 9, 2009


Benjamin had his first "major" project of his school career due week before last.  He has been studying South Carolina History during 3rd grade and did a project on Francis Marion, a military leader during the Revolutionary war who was from SC.  Benjamin enjoys history so he didn't mind the research part of things.  Apart from helping him proof read his written report and being sure his paragraphs had a topic sentence with information that supported that topic then a closing sentence that restated the topic (oh, it's been a while!), he did the project all by himself.  Even typed his report without my help. He also did a power point presentation.  Brian helped him set up the application then Benjamin went to town.  He even taught other children in his class how to create a power point.  Maybe I can get him to teach me!  It amazes me how early they are learning certain things.  I went to watch him along with some other class mates do their presentations.  Benjamin looked so handsome in his "Francis Marion" attire and did a great job presenting.  Thanks to some nervousness, he talked quite fast, but there's one thing for sure... I was one proud Mommy!

And then to make me even prouder, he presented me with his first "Principal's Scholar" certificate.  Thanks to the straight "A's" on his report card, he made the Honor Role.  I hope this is the first of many as he works hard in the months and years ahead to apply himself in school and be the best student he can be.  Brian and I have told him how much his hard work will pay off come college time.  Keep up the great work, Buddy... Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you!

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dandsratz said...

Way to go Benjamin!!! I'm proud Monica, and I hardly know him!!! :) That is SO exciting!! I think milestone moments like these are so neat!!!