Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Can you see it?  Anna's first little tooth started breaking through last week just as she turned 7 months old.  It's her bottom left one and the bottom right one is working it's way up.  She hasn't been sleeping very well - waking up crying at night.  Other than that partnered with some occasional fussiness, she seems to be tolerating it okay.

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dandsratz said...

Oh Lord have mercy...I DO NOT have good things to say about baby teeth coming through these days!! ha ha ha!!! :) Feeling that pain every night at 3 am way too much!! HA!!! At least she looks cute with it!! But good grief, just about the time they finally sleep through the night, no--back up...about the time that we finally aren't prego, then they start to sleep through the night...and now teeth...good grief--we'll we EVER feel rested again!!! :)