Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Home Fellowship Group Camping Trip to Table Rock

A picture documentary of our 1st ever HFG camping trip.  We had 3 families in all and had a whole bunch of fun.
the camping gang... the Knights, the Hanrions & the Judds

       Chef Benjamin preparing the morning's hot chocolate

                  Catherine enjoying a morning read

                                               beautiful baby Reagan

Catherine finding her first camping pet for this trip... a snail

   playing in the dirt has never been more fun!

                       Good Morning Hanrion family!

                                                   just hanging out

I love the way Elisabeth uses her hands when she's telling a story

thank goodness we had running water and electricity on our campsites

                waterfalls look and sound so beautiful

                                my cute boy

                                                      and pretty girl

                                   the start of an enjoyable hike

Benjamin was in heaven climbing through the creek and on all the rocks

      Brian helping Mary Scott cross the rocks

Brian was such a trooper carrying Anna the whole hike and Anna didn't make a peep... she was awesome!

Mary Scott needing a little loving reassurance from Daddy
                      What do you think Reagan?

                  Matthew & Lily up on a big rock

                 the baby hikers all tuckered out

a fun afternoon at the "swimming hole" - and Benjamin's first time jumping off a high dive... it took him 2 trips up to brave it...

but he jumped!  and found it fun so he did it a few more times.

       Richard even took Reagan in for a dip in the lake

                   Brian showing off his stuff!

                                 Matthew and Lily taking a swim

          Mary Scott enjoying herself... sand and all!

 getting an awesome campfire ready - Matthew built it "indian style"

                                 watermelon in so refreshing
         and no camping trip is complete without 'smores

                father/daughter marshmallow roasting

                         checking on the snail habitat

  our lovely campsite... the morning we were taking down camp

            Christi and Reagan enjoying the morning

                                                    our family

      me and my HHBL (hunka hunka burnin' love)

                            sweet friends

            Mary Scott loves swinging tummy style

                                                   our kiddos

           Swinging is so fun!  And so was our trip!


Heather J said...

Great pics!!!!!!!! Looks like such fun - and I love the new acronym - HHBL! ; ) too cute. still havint some major camera envy over here!!!

Joy said...

Looks like fun! I miss camping in the southeast where it actually stays warm.

Have to tell you that your friend's Lily looks so much like a friend of mine's daughter here in Oregon also named Lily.