Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Our Mighty Giant Gymnast

those sweet little freckles across Catherine's nose... I've heard 'em called "angel kisses"

            Lydia, Catherine & Halle - such special friends

                 Catherine's whole team - the Mighty Giants

                           awarded their medals

                              our "gold medalist"

 a proud Mommy & Daddy with their gymnastics star

                           Meme and Catherine

                            Nana, Popa & Catherine

Last week was much anticipated around our house... it was a week full of gymnastics shows.  Every afternoon, Tuesday through Friday, Catherine and her gymnastics team performed their routines.  It made for a busy week, and Catherine enjoyed every minute of it.  I think she would live at the gym if I'd let her... she still loves it just as much as when she first started in the fall... she may even love it more.  All of the girls worked so hard each day at the show, and they did a terrific job and looked so beautiful in their shiny blue and silver leotards.  It just fills my heart with pride every time I watch them.  And I have to make a note that this past weekend following the shows, Catherine seems to have mastered doing a back handspring by herself on the regular ground... no bouncy mat or incline.  Oh how excited she is to share her news with her coach at practice today.


Heather J said...

I love her leotard -she looks so pretty! That's some serious stuff- it's funny how things have changed since I did gymnastics, oh a thousand years ago! She looks so beautiful and I love the new smile she has!

Corrie said...

beautiful pictures monica! they get better and better every time i look :)

dandsratz said...

Monica! Catherine looks GORGEOUS!! It sounds like she is just excelling and have a ball in gym, too!! That is SO awesome!!! FABULOUS PICTURES!!! :)