Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A week with Grandparents

Mary Scott strolling along while visiting the Billy Graham Library... so girly how she's holding her dress

        panties and all, I love Mary Scott's smile

My mom, aka MeMe, with Mary Scott and Anna

how I love my little girls (we just needed Catherine in the picture)

Mary Scott sharing with Anna about the pretty green grass... the grounds were gorgeous at the BG Library

             shortly before Meme headed home

Scott, known around here as Popa, hanging out on his favorite spot at our house... the bench on our front porch
             Catherine showing out for Nana and Popa

             now she's got Nana and Popa joining in the fun

            having fun at Field Day... we all came to watch

            and Catherine was enjoying Field Day, too

One thing's for sure, our children don't spend near enough time with their grandparents!  We all celebrate the chance to be with them but due to distance and every one's involvement with various commitments and activities like church, sports, jobs... it just makes our visits come way less frequent than we'd prefer.  But this past week was not one of those weeks.  We enjoyed a visit from my mom for nearly the whole week and then Brian's parents, Scott and Cathy, came up for a couple nights, too.  It was a really busy week as Catherine had her gymnastics performances (will post separately) plus all our other normal happenings.  Brian and I squeezed in a couple little date nights while mom was here, too, which was a real treat.  Mom and I visited the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte - definitely somewhere I'd like to visit again.  And Scott & Cathy joined me for lunch at school with Benjamin and Catherine as well as visiting their Field Day.  We packed so much into the week... that's just what you do when the visits aren't very frequent.  It was a wonderful week together. 

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