Friday, October 9, 2009

Benjamin had a field trip

Yesterday was a perfectly beautiful day for Benjamin and all the other 4th graders from his school to attend the US Disc Golf Championship. And to top off an already fun field trip, Brian took off from work to go with Benjamin as a chaperon. I was so proud of Brian for going and so excited for Benjamin knowing how much it means to him for his daddy to be by his side. I joined them for a short while to get a few pictures.... they heard from a blind guy who plays disc golf, saw "Bear" - the disc golf dog, got instruction/training/practice in driving and putting with your disc and then got to enjoy watching some of the competitors play. It was an enjoyable experience for both Brian and Benjamin. And according to Brian, all the children behaved very well throughout the day. I enjoyed tagging along for a little bit, and we're hoping to attend the final championship round as a family on Saturday.... fun, fun, fun!

waiting to catch some discs

all the children listening so intently

go Benjamin

what a pair... these special fellows

Mrs. Bostic, Benjamin's teacher, aiming for the basket

me and my sweet boy

Ms. Bundy, Benjamin's PE teacher, organized a great field trip

"Bear" the disc golf dog

Benjamin retrieving two discs after seeing how far he could throw them

and Brian had to get his discs, too

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