Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What's a mom to do? or dad, for that matter!

As of late, Benjamin has had this little desire to wear his hair in a mo hawk. Yikes... yes, that's what I said - a mo hawk. My son wants to wear his hair in a mo hawk! I've been in this terrible dilemma because it certainly wouldn't be my choice for him to wear his hair like that. And it brought up a question from Benjamin. He asked, "Mom what so bad about a mo hawk. It's just hair." It was one of those teachable moments. I went on to explain that a mo hawk is not bad, but it tends to carry a certain stigma in the minds of some. I've sense let him wear one out in public one time. I think it was good for him and me. One thing I admire about Benjamin is his willingness to be who he is and not feel he has to always conform just because of what others may think... I could learn from him.

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Heather J said...

Ha! Oh I'm sure my time will come for mohawks - I think every boy desires a mohawk at some point, right? Ugh. I do think they are somewhat 'in style' now if that gives you any comfort!!!