Monday, December 15, 2008

A Birthday party for Benjamin

We had fun celebrating with Benjamin last weekend.  We invited several friends over for an afternoon of football, just what Benjamin desired for his birthday party.  In all, there were 8 boys who split up into 2 teams...ACC against SEC (imagine that!).  Brian was the referee, yellow flag and all.  The boys had a great time playing football, from the moment they arrived until the party was over.  I had snacks and an ice cream cake - not a single snack or piece of cake was eaten by one of the boys.  All they wanted was to play football!  And that's exactly what they did.  Fun was had by all. 
Our firstborn, a son, came to us on November 29th, 1999.  Forever our lives were changed in such a wonderful, powerful way.  The amazing love that overwhelmed my heart as I held our precious Benjamin for the first time - I can't even describe it.  

It's hard for me to believe Benjamin just celebrated his 9th birthday.  Where have the years gone? It seems it was just yesterday he was learning to walk as Brian and I clapped for joy in amazement of his accomplishment.  Then when he was 4 he asked Jesus into his heart, and I wept tears of joy to the Lord thanking Him for answering our prayers for Benjamin's salvation.  And now we're clapping and cheering for him as he goes for a goal in soccer, dribbles down the court in basketball, swings with all his might at a baseball or runs for a touchdown in flag football.  Indeed, the years have gone by so quickly.

Benjamin is a wonderful son - passionate, full of energy, fast thinker, natural leader, bright, great reader, good athlete, determined.  I celebrate the 9 years he and I have grown together, me as a mother, him a son, brother, friend.  I pray the Lord will cause his heart to be tender to HIS ways and full of compassion for others, all the days of his life.

Benjamin, I am so proud of you and the young man you are becoming.  I love the way you embrace life with every ounce of  your being.  The Lord loves a heart passionate for HIM.  I am excited to see how HE will use you in mighty ways to accomplish much for HIS kingdom.  I LOVE YOU, BUDDY!


Heather J said...

WE love you Benjamin! It is a joy to see you growing up into a young man - and a man seeking the Lord's heart!!

the Andersons said...

Such cute blogs. I love the "oatmeal" story and the nerf gun vs the wise men! Sounds like a day in the Anderson Household. Happy Birthday Benjamin! I did not know the football game get together was in honor of his birthday! We had lots of fun with your family last weekend!