Monday, December 15, 2008

In a Manger He Lay

Several nights ago as we were decorating for Christmas, the children had a wonderful time putting out all of our nativity sets.  Each year they enjoy playing with them which has been a great hands on tool for them learning the Christmas story.  

This year, Benjamin and Catherine even worked together to build a stable.  As Benjamin nailed the roof on and realized one side hung over further than the other, he begged Brian to pull out the saw so he could trim it down.  I reminded him they didn't have saws way back then, that his stable looked great just the way it was.  Not for Benjamin, my child who has to have things perfectly equal.  He quickly replied that today we do have saws, and he wanted to make it just right!

A few days later as Mary Scott was playing with her Little People Nativity set, she had baby Jesus in one hand (better known according to her as baby Anna) and a wise man in the other (her friend, Isabelle).  I asked her what the wise man was bringing to Jesus in the jar he was holding (keep in mind I've been reviewing gold, frankincense & myrrh nearly daily with her), and she quickly replied, "oatmeal!"

And just a couple days ago as Benjamin was playing with his double barreled, suction cup bullet gun he bought at Target with one of his birthday gift cards, I found him shooting the wise men in the very same nativity set.  At first thought I was appalled, but then began to laugh.  Of course any little boy would find a little wise man sitting on the table the perfect "target", right?

I'm sure these are just the start of many memorable tales to remember in regard to Christmas this year.  I'll keep you posted...


Heather J said...

I'm laughing (sort of!) - too cute. I especially love that baby Jesus is affectionately known to Mary-Scott as baby Anna.... Too cute!

dandsratz said...

Happy New Year Monica!!! Do you think we'll be less busy this year! Ha! :) What precious memories!! Just wanted to say hey! :)