Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mary Scott Said Farewell to Her "Pappy"

This one is worth documenting... Mary Scott has been passy free since Tuesday, November 25th.  Originally, the plan had been to take away "pappy" the day after Mary Scott's third birthday (January 26th).  Benjamin and Catherine both said good-bye to theirs at that time so we planned to follow suit.  But Mary Scott had gotten really bad eczema on her face, especially around her mouth, so we told her she had to give her mouth a break from "pappy" so her face could heal.  Amazingly, she was very willing.  So after 3 days of healing and her asking only a few times for it, Brian and I decided we shouldn't allow her to have it anymore.  I told him I felt like we needed to be honest with her and let her know she wouldn't be getting it back.  We laughed at the thought of her being 5 and us still saying, "Your mouth is still healing so you can't have pappy."  We gently informed her that she had done great without her passy so she was clearly a big girl who didn't need it any more.  And we asked her if she would like to give them to baby Anna.  Lo and behold, she said she would.  Then to top it all off, when we arrived home from our Thanksgiving travels, she found her bag and began digging through it.  I asked her what she was doing and she responded, "I'm getting out my pappies so I can give them to Anna."  I was astonished.  She has since allowed Anna to suck them and not once has she tried to put it back in her own mouth.  AMAZING!

As I see her in her panties, no passy in her mouth and her vocabulary and conversations growing by the day, I'm reminded of how quickly my precious Mary Scott is growing up into a beautiful little girl still full of life and laughter.

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