Wednesday, December 10, 2008


My mind is overwhelmed at the thought of counting the things in my life for which I'm thankful.  Sometimes I find myself asking the Lord... "why have you blessed me so?"  Then my mind is quickly filled with thoughts from Him, especially the simple yet complex truth that HE LOVES ME.  And that alone causes the Lord to desire good for me.  Sometimes I think we find it easy to praise God and feel blessed as long as no challenges or hardships are staring us in the face.  Yet I'm realizing that I'm blessed, richly blessed, in spite of these challenges.  Food to eat, a home in which to sleep and stay warm, safety, 4 beautiful and healthy children, an amazing husband, clothes on my back, precious friends, a loving family and the list goes on... all of these are things for which I'm very grateful.  Yet, my richest blessing is that my Lord sent his only son, Jesus, that I, upon believing on him and his truth, may have life forever.  Yes these things on this earth for which I'm truly thankful will one day pass a way.  But this eternal life that I have through the provision of my heavenly father, for that is my richest blessing and the thing for which I'm most thankful.  And I pray that not a single day goes by that I don't praise my precious Lord for the salvation He provided for me... and for you if you choose.

We travelled down to my hometown of Millen for Thanksgiving this year.  We stayed at Nanny's (my mom's mother) as the remodeling is not quite finished on my mom's house.  My brother, Casey, and sister-in-law, Sarah, and their two youngest boys were there, too.  We enjoyed reuniting with our family and enjoyed a great big Thanksgiving meal for lunch.  The day started early for Brian, Benjamin and Casey as they went deer hunting.  Although Benjamin has only been hunting a couple times, he loves it and gets so excited about the chance to go.  He got to go twice Thanksgiving day, deer hunting in the morning and dove hunting in the afternoon.  I appreciated my brother taking him and appreciated Brian going with them, too.  Brian's never been a hunter but is sweet to go with Benjamin since it's something he enjoys.  I think for Benjamin it is the fact you get to take a gun.  He has this amazing infatuation with guns.  Although not while hunting, he got the chance to shoot a rifle while we were there, and it was surely the high light of his day.  It's that boy thing rising up in him... the way God wired him.  So I'm really glad he had the opportunity.

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