Monday, February 22, 2010

"And now abide faith, hope and love, these three; but the greatest of these is love."
1 Corinthians: 13:13

Valentine's afternoon was such a sweet time with my girls. Just as visions of tea parties and daintily set tables come to mind when you think of little girls... we had the pleasure of making that dream a reality. My "new friend" (but oh so precious!) Christie and her girls, Ashlyn and Brooke Owen, hosted the most beautiful Valentine's Tea Party that I could ever imagine. Every detail was thought of... perfectly decorated tables, little sentiments of love sprinkled all throughout their beautiful home, delicious food and treats... and all of it shared among dear friends. It was truly a delightful afternoon. The girls, all of them no matter their age, had a wonderful time talking, laughing, eating, learning about table manners, playing dress-up... what a special time it was. One of my favorite things Christie had the girls do is write on a paper heart the finish to this statement: "I love God because...". She then glued each of the hearts to the strings of balloons and the girls took them outside and let them go. As the balloons raced up into the sky, we couldn't help but wonder who might find those sweet little praises to our Lord and Savior. What a blessing it is that because of a relationship with Him, we can experience love in its purist form. I've often pondered the thought of what it means to truly love, not with conditions and what I might get in return, but to deeply love the way Christ loves me... Hmmm, I can't quite get my mind around such love, but as I've thought about it, one main theme that always comes to mind is if I am loving that unselfishly and sacrificially, there are many sins that would vanish. Maybe that's why God's greatest commandment is to LOVE.

Thank you so much Christie, Ashlyn and Brooke Owen for a special time and a memory that will forever live in our hearts!

Ashlyn and Catherine - they really hit it off!

Catherine: "I love God because..."

Mary Scott: "I love God because..."

"love notes" written by Christie's grandfather to her grandmother

dress-up is so much fun

Catherine having a sip of tea

Anna joined in for "tea" like one of the big girls

flooded by the beautiful sunlight as they look out onto the lake... after a very snowy day before
Brooke Owen

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