Monday, February 1, 2010

anna boo is up to...

sheer delight

"uhhh! i've been in mommy's make-up" (again!)

"who's watching me?"

just past the year and a half mark, anna is certainly one active, delightful and determined little bit. i haven't figured out if my perception of her being my busiest child of the four is true or if it just seems that way because i'm often having to corral her while being involved with our older children. but let's suffice at saying my perception is my reality right now! rest assured, if we leave a cell phone within her reach, she'll grab it in a split second, and if brian dare leaves his wallet within her access, she'll quietly confiscate it and contently empty every single thing in it. and then their is our bathroom cabinet where i keep my make-up... seems like a radar goes out if i forget to "lock" it and she's in there in a moment dumping everything she can get her hands on and often "making her face." and while i'm cleaning up her mess, she's on to making another one! she certainly keeps me on my toes! she's quite the feisty one and let's everybody in the house... store... or restaurant know if she's not happy with what's going on - from 0 to 90 in an instant and loud! she's an independent and determined little soul. i think it's amazing how creative God is that each of my children's personalities is so vastly different yet all created in His precious image.

in addition, anna is incredibly expressive... she has the most amazing little way with her face, her eyes. she gives the best hugs. she'll come out of nowhere and embrace my leg with the tenderest little squeezes - melts my heart! and she gives the smackiest kisses ever. she insists that we hold hands at the start of dinner and pray together... just can't help but think it makes the Lord smile. she's becoming more and more verbal as time passes using new words in the right way like "shoe, off, cold." i'm noticing her pretending, playing make-believe. the other day we were heading off to bed and i found her at the play kitchen filling up a cup with "wawa" and sipping it... so glad i savored that moment.

i'm reminded that this time does indeed pass quickly and even with its challenges, i'm choosing to praise the Lord... for what's amazing about anna, as well as the parts of her personality and development that sometimes get me discouraged and frustrated. it amazes me at how much love God puts in my heart for our children. 1 Peter 4:8 says, "above all things have fervent love for one another, for 'love will cover a multitude of sins.'" i think it is this love that comes to our aid when as parents we feel overwhelmed and inadequate. no doubt, anna is an absolute delight to me and to our family. she brings such joy and fun to our home, an excitement and zest for life. i'm forever grateful for the privilege to be her "mommy" (she is starting to replace "mama" with "mommy") and look forward to loving her for the "anna" that God created her to be.

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