Monday, February 15, 2010


This year, Valentine's Day proved to be extra special. We enjoyed the morning playing in the snow together then had a delightful evening at home. I made some special sweet treats for us to enjoy after a delicious dinner of pan seared tilapia and shrimp, garlic parmesan grits and steamed green beans. We could hardly eat fast enough, each of anxious to enjoy chocolate dipped strawberries, heart shaped brownies and chocolate covered pretzels. I really enjoyed blessing my family with a delicious dinner and dessert. I count it a true privilege to serve them is such ways. After dessert, Benjamin cranked up the music and the kids danced their little hearts out, and of course Brian joined in too.

Just before we tucked the children into bed, I began gathering all the goodies for the rest of our evening. I bought the movie, Fireproof, for Brian and fixed a nice cheese tray with a bottle of wine he'd been wanting. Benjamin was right by my side as I was getting it all ready. Before I knew it, he had likened my little set-up to a wedding reception and began asking me what type of reception Brian and I had. When I told him we had a nice and simple reception at the church where we were married.... he went on to share with me his vision for his wedding reception: lots of dancing at a millionaire's mansion with a big water fountain... sure sounds nice! For crying out loud, what 10 year old boy thinks about his wedding reception!!! My Benjamin does... he's a thinker, for sure.

After the children were in bed, Brian and I enjoyed the rest of our evening over wine, cheese and a movie that would surely be good for any marriage. It was wonderful to snuggle up with my man in the quiet of the night to watch a movie, even though I didn't manage to stay awake for the whole thing. I like the way we're comfortable with one another like that. That he pretty much knows I'm always gonna fall asleep... not because I'm bored but just worn out. I pray that we will celebrate our love for one another often, and we will be intentional about making one another feel extra special... I believe that's real important in marriage. This was one of my favorite Valentine's memories ever. It was truly a wonderful day, from start to finish. I was reminded the whole day through that a special kind of love fills our home... a love for which I am eternally grateful.

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Christie said...

Monica, I love your heart for the Lord, for your husband, and your family! What a special Valentine's! You have encouraged me to make mine more special as a family...the food, the it all...the children are so precious!! Christie