Saturday, February 6, 2010


Mary Scott was one celebrated little girl for her 4th birthday, and she enjoyed every single moment. We had a few friends over to our house for a play dough party and it was so much fun. Each of the girls made their own batch of play dough then had fun playing with it. We even had play dough cookies for our treat in place of birthday cake. Mary Scott had a great time with her friends and has been enjoying all the thoughtful gifts she received. One of the things she has been most entertained by is her Loving Family doll house that was handed down to her from her good friend, Isabelle. Many of her gifts were all the furnishings to "make her doll house a home."

We got to celebrate again with our family when we travelled to Macon a couple weeks after her birthday. The top excitement from that party besides being with our family was Mary Scott's beautiful princess cake. She would look at it over and over with an enormous smile and say how much she liked it. I've often made our children's cakes but this one was definitely ahead of my league. A sweet lady from my home town who made our wedding cake made if for us... and it was a hit, indeed, and was delicious, too. Getting to celebrate with cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents... it was a real treat!

Dear Mary Scott, you are a precious soul. We spend lots and lots of time together, and I am enjoying you so much. Coloring and writing are two of the things you most enjoy doing right now. You've recently learned to write your name and are very interested in letters and how different words are spelled. You love it when you can curl up with one of us to read a good book. You continue to be all into Anna and are like a little mommy to her.
One of my favorite memories with you lately is from one day in December when we were driving to pick up Benjamin and Catherine from school. We were talking about Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus which somehow led us to sharing about asking Jesus into your heart. You quickly told me that you had recently prayed and asked Jesus to live in your heart. Of course I wondered if anyone had prayed with you but you said you had done it all by yourself. When I asked you why you had asked Jesus into your heart, you immediately told me in your words, "Because I don't want to be by myself anymore." You can rest assured, my sweet girl, that indeed Jesus is with you every moment and you can always call on him. Not only is he your Savior but also your friend. Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you and so thankful that you love Jesus. Choosing to surrender your heart and life to Christ is the most important decision you will ever make. Mommy and Daddy love you so much and are so thankful for the privilege to be your parents.

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