Monday, November 24, 2008


Last Thursday, we travelled to Atlanta for the Georgia Tech vs. Miami football game.  Benjamin has wanted to go to a game for quite sometime, and Brian and I thought it would be a perfect treat for his upcoming 9th birthday (November 29th).  So off to Atlanta we went!

We discovered Brian's best friend from college, Ben Dismukes, and his family were planning to go, as well, so we connected with them out by the student center on GT's campus a couple hours before the game.  We had an awesome time visiting and watching all of our children play.  Before the afternoon was done, we were even joined by another friend, Josh Kite, and his family.  It was neat watching Brian get so excited to be back on "his old stomping grounds."  At one point, the Rambling Wreck (an old Model T painted with GT colors for any who don't know) came driving through and the children touched it.  They said they were never going to wash their hands again.

Before we headed down to the stadium, Katie Beth came to take Mary Scott and Anna to her house.  Mary Scott was so excited to have the chance to go and play at Aunt Katie Beth's.  She was so cute the day before when I told where she would be going... she said, "I like Aunt Katie Beth.  She's nice."  On our trip down, if she asked once, she asked 50 times where we were going.  (Thank you KB for giving us the chance to hang out with our older two kids.)

We walked with the band from the student center down to the stadium.  Our children and Ben's kids were so excited.  The boys were marching right along behind the band shouting all the way!  Too bad we didn't have seats next to one another, so upon reaching the gates to enter the stadium, we said our goodbyes to the Dismukes and headed to find our gate.  And thus began our climb to almost the top where we finally got to our seats.

Just a few minutes into the game, I got a call from Katie Beth that Anna wasn't too happy.  After getting off the phone, I prayed she would settle down because I wasn't quite sure what to do in the case she continued to cry.  Praise the Lord!  I talked to Katie Beth a little while later and Anna was quiet and happy and then later went to sleep.  

We had an awesome time cheering on our Yellow Jackets as they whipped the Miami Hurricanes.  Catherine was so cute.  At one point she said, "Mommy, I don't like watching football on t. v., but it sure is fun at the real game."  And Benjamin was yelling for his team just as loud as he could and putting his "GO Jackets" poster in every Miami fan's face he came in contact with.   It was so much fun every time Tech scored, we'd jump up and high five one another.  I hope we'll have the chance to enjoy many more games together as it truly was a great time for our family.  


Jen said...

Super Jealous!!! We love going to Tech football games too, and it has been awhile. What an exciting game to get to see "LIVE." Hope ya'll have a Happy Thanksgiving. Ours is going to be a little tearful I do believe!

Genuinely Me said...

I think we should make it an annual Judd-Dismukes event! We had a great time seeing you and Brian and the kids. Isaac has asked quite often about when he gets to see his buddy Ben again. Em also enjoyed playing with Catherine.

Happy Thanksgiving!