Wednesday, January 7, 2009


In case you're wondering if it's possible for a full day of shopping with husband and 4 children in tow can be successful and enjoyable... I give a resounding YES.  Believe it our not!  

The morning started with a special treat - a stop by Duncan Doughnuts.  You would of thought we we're taking the children to Disney World if you could've seen their excitement.  So once everyone had their favorite doughnuts in hand and a yummy coffee for Brian and me, it was Charlotte here we come.

We started our shopping at LifeWay christian book store to take advantage of a morning sale, and great deals we did find... some good reads, a movie, a kid's book series by Frank Peretti that Benjamin discovered.  We made a few more stops before lunch, each time checking off our list of gifts to be purchased. 

We had lunch at Wendy's then enjoyed an unexpected treat.  We got to go on a horse and buggy ride!  It was a lot of fun and definitely added to the Christmas cheer.

After a few more hours of shopping, we headed home to light the street in front of our house with luminaries.  The entire neighborhood's streets were lined by candlelight.  It was really neat and so festive.

As I reflected on the day, my face and heart were warmed with a smile.  I couldn't remember a single dispute or complaint and not even a single cry from Anna.  But instead took note of a day full of sweet memories together... definitely a time to remember.

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