Saturday, May 9, 2009


These are some of the first pictures I took with my new camera... sweet baby Anna

and Catherine snapped this one of Mary Scott and me

I am so thankful to be living out my dream of being a mom.  Since I was a little girl, my heart's desire was to grow up and be a wife and a mother.  And although I get overwhelmed sometimes, it is with great joy that I serve my Lord through serving my husband and my children.  What a deep honor it is.

So for this Mother's Day... Brian and the children gave me an awesome gift - a new camera- a Nikon D40 (digital SLR).  They gave it to me Friday evening, so today, I've been snapping pictures like crazy.  Some of the first ones I took this morning were of Anna.  So far I've just used the automatic focus with all the pre-settings.  There is so much I want to learn about the different setting options and how to get even better pictures, especially in regard to lighting.  And how to get more creative with my pics - get out of the rut of "okay, everybody look at me and smile."  I'm sure this process of learning is likely to be slow, but I'm excited.  And I can hardly wait to snap pictures on the beach this year which is by far my favorite place to take pictures.  Just call me the mad picture lady... I'm sure I'll settle down a little at some point.  But for now,  I'm gonna be capturing every little thing!  And having fun with it.


Brandon, Corrie, Grayson, Claire and Gavin said...

beautiful pictures with you new camera!!! love them...

Heather J said...

I know you'll enjoy your camera! What a nice gift!