Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Officially on the Move

                   Oh yes, Anna is crawling

                   Look at that determination in her face

The trash can in the study... she loves getting into it!

               NO Anna... we don't eat trash!

The cookie/cracker jar... now that's a better snack!

Without a doubt I can officially announce Anna is crawling.  She is on the move and getting quicker every day.  She's been perfecting her crawl for the past week, and now I hardly ever find her in the same room where I left her.  It's so much fun watching her explore as she travels around the house.  I better watch out because any day now, she's gonna be into everything!


Rebekah Judd said...

Goodbye to the sweet sitting stage!! She looks like a natural =)

Heather J said...

yes, we still have a trash can eater over here (maybe it's a genetic Judd thing!) ; )