Sunday, May 24, 2009

Off to the Zoo

                                     Our occasional family photo

                                                                the Brewers

                                                               the Hanrions 

                                    Isabelle & Mary Scott - special friends

                               that is one fat lip on Mr. Gorilla

                    the giraffes are definitely one of my favorites

                                enjoying my sweet children

                                            elephants sure are huge...


                                    Abigail feeding the beautiful birds

Brian and Mary Scott enjoying the carousal - it was Brian's 1st trip to this zoo

                                     Digging around for earth worms

This earth worm was Lily's favorite "animal" at the zoo

Catherine found a lady bug friend, better known as "Spotty"

Last Sunday, we took a little road trip down to the Riverbanks Zoo in Colombia, SC.  We met the Brewers and the Hanrions, a couple of families from our Home Fellowship group, for a picnic then strolled through the zoo together.  It was an enjoyable afternoon for sure.  We saw so many neat animals.  And riding the carousal was one of the last things we did before heading home.  We had a wonderful day.


Heather J said...

Such great pictures from what looked like such a great day. I'm really getting camera envy right now - between your pics and seeing my friend Jill's camera this week, I'm now desiring a better camera!!!

dandsratz said...

MONICA!!!! These pictures are AWESOME!!! You look like a professional already!! And the family picture at the top...its INCREDIBLE!!!! What a fun day!!