Saturday, May 16, 2009


The children and I have been anxious to go pick some strawberries, and we finally headed over to a nearby patch Wednesday afternoon (The Bush & Vine in York, SC).  Our trip started with witnessing a medical helicopter land right before our eyes in response to a terrible car accident.  So on our drive out to the strawberry patch, we had to talk through all the thoughts and feelings such a sight conjured up.  Once we got our buckets and started picking, the peacefulness of being outdoors in the pretty sunshine seemed to settle everybody down, and we had a great time.  Benjamin and Catherine had their buckets filled to the brim in no time.  Mary Scott was being a little moody and not so much getting into the whole "strawberry picking" thing.  She wanted me to pick 'em and then let her put them in the bucket.  Anna enjoyed watching from her stroller.  At one point she was leaning over the side of her stroller like she was gonna find her own strawberry and pick it.  I gave her one to hold and she immediately squished it in her fingers.  We also got to see some honey bees at work - so interesting.  A great little afternoon trip was enjoyed by all.  And we've been eating strawberries at nearly every meal sense and for snacks, too!  YUM!

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