Saturday, September 27, 2008


Mary Scott visited the dentist for her first time on Thursday.  She got to go back with Benjamin and Catherine.  Over all, she did great although she did get a little upset at times.  I talked to her about it afterword, and she said she liked it.  When I asked her what made her cry, she told me she didn't like it when they laid her down.  She seems to have a fear of lying back for people - she gets really upset when we try to lie her back in the bathtub to rinse her hair.  She, as well her big brother and sister, got great reports on their pearly whites - cavity free.  Keep up the good brushing!


natalie said...


What a blessing to read about your sweet family. I can't believe Benjamin is in THIRD GRADE and Catherine is in FIRST!!! I remember babysitting them when they were tiny!

My M and Mary Scott are just about the same age--you were pregnant with her when you came to help me when M was just a few days old.

I love that I can check your blog to see what you're up to.

Our family blog is:

Tabatha Aikins said...

Hi Monica,

You really do have a wonderful family and I am super proud of Mary Scott! This is such a big achievement for her, and I'm pretty sure that you're proud of your little angel. Keep posting your sweet nothings, Honey! God Bless! ;)