Wednesday, September 3, 2008


                                      Anderson & baby Anna

We had a great time with Mark and Heather (Brian's brother and his wife) and their boys, Anderson and Carter, over Labor Day weekend.  They finally got to meet baby Anna and love on her.  I think Benjamin was really glad to have some additional boys in the house.  He and Anderson spent most of the time wrestling in the floor.  I'm sure Catherine was relieved to have a break from the rough housing.

It's always great getting to hang out with them.  The kids just seem to pick up where they left off at the last visit and are always so excited to be together.  Brian and Mark took them to our neighborhood pool a couple times, and they also went to a Charlotte Knights baseball game - such good daddies!  The house was a little quieter with most of the kids gone.  Heather and I kept Carter and Anna at home during the baseball game.  We enjoyed some quiet talk time, and Heather taught me a few more things about blogging.

Mark and Heather - thanks for coming.  We enjoyed having you and look forward to our trip up there in October.


Heather J said...

We always enjoy our trips to North Carolina, I mean South Carolina! Can't wait to see y'all again in October!!!

Sarah said...

Anderson is so cute - He looks just like his daddy!