Monday, September 8, 2008


I took Mary Scott to the store Friday and let her pick out some new panties to hopefully get her excited about potty training.  She wore them Saturday for a while and after changing wet panties and then poopy ones all within about 15 minutes of one another - after multiple "tries" on the toilet- she returned to her diaper.  

Sunday afternoon during home group, Mary Scott decided to try again.  Her friend Isabelle was so sweet and was encouraging her on the potty.  She even held her dress up so it wouldn't get wet.  I was reminded...that's true friendship when we'll stand by one another's side in the "dirty" stuff.

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christy said...

Monica, I seem to remember several friends assisting me in the restroom while in my wedding dress after our wedding. I believe you were one of them. It was a very funny moment. This is definitely a true sign of friendship - either that or you're a nurse! :)