Sunday, September 28, 2008


Our morning was suppose to start with a trip to the soccer field for Benjamin's first game of the season at 8:30 am.  But due to some amazing and desperately needed rain all day Friday, the field was much too wet.  Instead, we enjoyed the freedom that simply being at home with our family offers.  The children can play, Brian and I can talk (intervening with the children when necessary - and oh it's necessary more often than we'd like), and I can nurse Anna at ease - sometimes the simplicity of it is such a nice change of pace.  

The morning began with my precious husband watching the older 3 kids, allowing Anna and me to sleep later than normal.  To top it off, when I came downstairs he welcomed me with coffee and a "made to order" omelet - what a man after my heart!  After eating, Benjamin, Catherine and Mary Scott had fun building with their set of wooden blocks and a set of Jenga blocks. I love the creativity many of the "classic" toys offer.  They weren't sharing to well at first so Brian and I had to do some training on working out differences.  Somehow I thought by the ages of nearly nine and six, sharing would've been a long learned art - boy was I wrong.  But when I really think about it, even as adults it's hard to give up what we want to prefer someone else. I'm realizing our whole lives are about learning, growing and being molded by the Lord.  In the end, they decided to work together and build a fort.  They had a great time, and it was peaceful, too.

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