Saturday, March 14, 2009


If you were to ask Benjamin about writing right now, his first response would be... "I'm so tired of writing!"  On Tuesday and Wednesday of this past week, he and the rest of his classmates had to take a state writing test.  In preparation for this test, his teacher, Mrs. Pundt, had them writing up a storm.  So nearly everyday for almost two weeks, he had to write a paper as part of his homework, both a rough draft and a final one.  It was so neat to see how his writing improved over that two week period.  I know he's glad to be finished with the exam but there's still plenty of writing to be done before the end of the March.  He still has a science paper and a history paper to write.  So after a few days break, it's about time to awaken that pencil again.  He's doing such a awesome job in 3rd grade.  I'm really proud of him.  And we just got word that he is now in the Gifted and Talented  program... another great accomplishment.

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