Sunday, March 15, 2009

Photographer Wanna-be

A friend of mine recently took an amateur photography class and learned so much.  I have recently found myself asking different people whose pictures catch my eye what type of camera they have.  I've always been captured by photos and am completely obsessed with taking pictures at the beach.  Until I can one day hopefully get a more "upscale" digital camera, I'll continue to capture memories with my tiny little point and shoot (sony cyber-shot that's about 5 years old).  So after looking at some practice shots from my friend, I took a few "brick wall" pictures of Benjamin and Catherine just to see what I could do.  What I ended up with is certainly not professional but because they're pictures of my kids... I just like looking at them.  Catherine's eyes are amazing, and though Benjamin's expression is one of them is almost a little sad, I still like it.  What a blessing that we have the ability to capture life through photography.

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Heather J said...

Cute pics of the kids... and BTW, the new format is GREAT! Wherever did you find it????