Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jana and Little Shamus came to visit

                    Little Shamus and his cute little grin

All the kids playing outside.  Little Shamus loved playing in the car.

                                                        Jana and I

I'm so glad my cousin, Jana, and her son, Little Shamus, came to visit last week.  We've been trying to get together for a while so I was delighted when she called to see if they could come up.  I think she probably returned home thinking our home and life is quite chaotic (an often true observation, to say the least!).  Jana's head was spinning the first night she arrived as she watched me doing my usual multi-tasking.  I had to scoot out the door to go and lead Bible study so in a matter of 20 minutes, she just gazed as I stuffed my dinner in my mouth while nursing Anna, then I started a pot of coffee, gathered needed items for Bible study in a basket, fixed a pitcher of water, covered sweets treats to take with me all while receiving and making at least 5 phone calls.  That night when I returned home, Jana's response was something like this... "Wow, that was chaotic, but do you realize how much you accomplished in 20 minutes?"  If only I worked at that pace all the time maybe I'd have a much more productive life!  That first night she was here, we stayed up talking about life stuff until 2:30 am.  Mercy, I've been worn out ever since.  I think I'm getting too old for such craziness as that.  I really enjoyed our time together and loved watching my children love on Little Shamus.  What a precious boy he is, and what an awesome job Jana is doing mothering him.  I'm so proud of her and her desire to be the Mom and wife God desires her to be.  Thankfully colored all over God's desires for us is a whole lot of grace and love as he trains us in his ways.  And how awesome that he allows us to partner along side one another to cheer one another on. 

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Jana Yandle said...

Hey Monica! I finally caught up on the Judd Family of Six since our visit! I just now read this sweet blog of our visit! Thank you for the encouraging words - very fitting to read that on Mother's Day! Happy Mother's Day to you!! Miss you! PS - the camping trip was a delight to read!!