Saturday, March 14, 2009

Susannah and Luke's Wedding

                                             My family
                                             My brother's family

                                My mom and all 8 of her grandchildren

                                             My mom and Anna

                                 Benjamin looking dapper in a bow tie

                        Mary Scott and her cousin, Abrahm, dancing a jig

                          Catherine having fun dancing with cousins

                            Mary Scott having fun dancing with her daddy

                          Catherine and Susannah, the beautiful bride

                             My precious grandma Neysa and me

                               Catherine and Brian gettin' down

                                             Susannah and me

So one weekend it snows, and the very next weekend it was an absolutely perfect day for my cousin, Susannah's, wedding - sunny and a very pleasant 70 degrees.  We headed down to Georgia to attend the wedding which was in Swainsboro.  The ceremony was beautiful, and the reception was an evening filled with fun.  Catherine and Mary Scott had the time of their lives dancing with their Daddy.  It was great to be with my extended family, too.  Fun was definitely had by all!

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