Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Friendly Game of HORSE

       Benjamin pouting after he didn't win our game of HORSE

                                  Check out that stylish outfit!

                                           Mary Scott "photographing" Anna

Saturday morning, Benjamin was so anxious for us all to go outside and play a game of HORSE (a basketball shooting game).  So outside we went to enjoy some family fun and soak up the beautiful sunshine.  Mary Scott and Anna played in the grass while the rest of us had a little friendly competition.  In the end, Benjamin was out first which he wasn't at all happy about.  He has quite a competitive spirit and is still learning how to loose gracefully (oh the chances for training we as parents are faced with!).  And Catherine just tried her best to get the ball to the goal.  Brian ended up winning.  Most important of all, though, is that we spent some great time together.

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Heather J said...

sounds like Anderson is just like his favorite cousin Benjamin! We are working diligently on training him to be a gracious loser - we have alot of work on our hands!