Saturday, July 4, 2009


We had a wonderful time celebrating Catherine's 7th birthday.  Goodness, 7th... just doesn't seem possible that she is already seven.  But she is, as of June 27th.  So we celebrated by taking a little weekend trip down to Atlanta.  We took Catherine and two of her good friends, Halle and Lydia, to the American Girl Store and Cafe.  They enjoyed lunch with their dolls and then spent a while shopping in the store.  Thankfully, Nana was able to join us for lunch.  After finishing at the American Girl Store, we did some more shopping around the mall.  It seemed one of the highlights for the girls during our time at the mall was getting their hair curled at a little kiosk - they loved it!  It was a treat for me that my good friend and room mate from nursing school, Sarah, and her daughter, Lillian, joined us to shop and then headed over to our hotel with us.  Mark, Heather, Anderson and Carter also came over to the hotel for a little swimming and pizza and birthday cake by the pool.  We all had a good time.  Once we got all the children tucked into bed that night, they enjoyed watching the American Girl movie, Chrissa Stands Strong.  It was a very full day but a whole lot of fun!

We enjoyed a yummy breakfast at our hotel Sunday morning and stopped by Mark and Heather's new house before getting on the road back to Rock Hill.  Thankfully, Halle nor Lydia seemed to missing their parents too badly, but I loved how excited they were to get home and tell their parents about our trip.  It was definitely a fun way to celebrate Catherine turning 7.

Precious Catherine... you are a delight to have as a daughter.  Your love for the Lord inspires me, and I'm so thankful that even at the young age of 7, you know that Christ is the source of your strength.  How I pray that you will always long after Him and seek Him in every situation... that you will desire to follow Jesus all the days of your life.  You have a very tender heart and such a sensitive spirit - may the Lord always protect you from the hardness of this world.  You are a good friend and a good sister (most of the time!, ha ha), and the way you love others and give generously delights the Lord and Mommy and Daddy, too.  We are so proud of you and love you deeply, beautiful girl.  Happy Birthday!


Rebekah Judd said...

Happy Birthday Catherine!! Monica...the T-shirts came out so great. You'll have to teach me how to do that. Glad you had such a great time in ATL.

dandsratz said...

What a FUN FUN FUN birthday!! Happy Birthday Catherine!! Monica...look at the monigram that what you were telling me about???? I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!! :)

Heather J said...

so glad we were able to see y'all for the festivities!