Monday, July 6, 2009

Chef Benjamin cooking up some yummies

Benjamin seems to really enjoy cooking.  And that makes this mama so proud!  So one morning last week, he asked me before I even pulled myself out of the bed if he could make some eggs.  So I began explaining to him how to go about making scrambled eggs.  Low and behold, a few minutes later when I got downstairs, he was whipping out omelets!  He already had one made for Catherine, Mary Scott and Anna and was asking me if I wanted cheese and onions in mine.  Wow!  I was certainly impressed.  And the omelets tasted oh so yummy.  Later in the week, while Aunt Katie Beth was visiting, he made omelets for us again.  Keep polishing those skills, buddy, and you and mommy could be quite the team!

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Heather J said...

Wow, that is definitely something we want to rub off on his younger, very impressionable cousins!!!