Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A new experience

            Why is playing in the mud so much fun?

    Could Carter's hands and feet be any dirtier?

Not sure if Anderson's crocs will ever be the same... wait, that's the beauty of crocs!

                 a good hose off before coming inside

... then I look out and you guessed it... Benjamin and Anderson were "skinny dippin" in the baby pool - those boys, they spent almost the whole time running around the house in their underwear - they must think clothes are way over-rated!

                                   a tea party, baby style - precious

A couple weeks ago, I experienced 3 days of managing life with 6 children... and thankfully it went really well.  We got the chance to keep our nephews, Anderson (4 1/2) and Carter (2), while Mark and Heather finalized the sale of their Virginia Beach house and moved all of their stuff back down to Alpharetta to their new home.  We had a great 3 days together and enjoyed having them.  I was glad to have the chance to help them out.  All the children where very well behaved and a couple days, we all had naps, including myself.  I'm still not sure how I swung that one... don't even seem to make that happen with my normal 4 kids.  We went for a couple swims at our neighborhood splash park and went to Benjamin's gymnastics class but otherwise just played at home.  I wasn't too sure about managing the gang while out and about so I saved all my errands for once they left on Friday.  I truly couldn't have asked the week to go any better.  And amazingly, we kept the house tidy all week and all the laundry stayed caught up... I think by staying home and being laser beam focused on not getting behind... I did it!  Now I just need to apply those principals every week.

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Heather J said...

I love love love the pics and will be forever grateful to you!!! An added bonus, my boys had an absolute BLAST with their cousins (whom they adore!)