Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Could it be... a little curl

                      Is that a little curl I see???

               loves to point those sweet little fingers

has been riding her truck backwards and learned to go forward this week

her little hands are discovering so many new things (Benjamin took this one)

dirty little feet from crawling around at the blueberry farm

Most would describe Anna as "bald headed."  This comes as no surprise as all of my babies have been that way... nearly 2 before any of them had a lot of hair.  I can tell Anna's is starting to grow and looks to be strawberry blond.  The other morning I was looking at her hair and got so excited to see what looks like might be a little curl in the making.  I guess time will tell.  Catherine had the sweetest curls when she was a tot.  Maybe baby sister will follow suit.  I tried to capture "the curl" in a picture.  The other pics are just a few ones I've snapped over the last several days of Anna that made my heart feel happy.

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