Friday, August 29, 2008


Oh, those precious smiles and coos from Anna just bless my soul. She first started smiling when she was a month old and her sweet little coos followed a couple weeks later. There's almost nothing more heart warming than when she looks up at me and gives me a good old gummy grin. And then when she starts "talking to me" - I love it! It's so cute, when she's about to coo, she flares her nostrils and does this sweet little thing with her lips. The joys of mother hood are such a gift!


Heather J said...

I just loved loved loved meeting my new niece!!! She is precious and is such a good baby!! We enjoyed our visit (as we always do!). Thanks for everything & we can't wait to see you Judds again in October!

Sarah said...

I love those sweet pictures of Anna's little baby face!