Friday, October 3, 2008


Benjamin's 3rd grade class is studying South Carolina for Social Studies.  Yesterday, they got to do a fun project with Mrs. Ingram, their class's student intern.  I am the room mom and took in what was supposed to be South Carolina shaped sugar cookies.  Let's sum it up to say before the cookies were baked they looked like South Carolina, after baking we really had to use our imaginations!  At any rate, the kids used different icings and toppings to mark the different regions of the state on their cookies such as chocolate chips as mountains to mark the Blue Ridge region and brown sugar to show the Sand Hills region.  It was such a fun and creative way to reinforce what they had already been learning.  

I enjoyed being in Benjamin's classroom and am so thankful I have the freedom to be involved. I count it a rich blessing.  I even stayed for Spanish class to see what it was like.  It was very interesting as they are being taught through immersion which is where the teacher only speaks Spanish while in the room with them and the students are only allowed to speak Spanish to her.  It was awesome to see how quickly the kids were catching on and speaking the language.

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