Monday, April 27, 2009


Saturday was an extra special day because we got to celebrate Brian's birthday... #36.  It just doesn't seem possible for him to already be turning the corner towards forty, and let's leave it at saying I'm not too far behind him.  Everyday, but especially on his birthday, I find my heart filled with immeasurable thankfulness for him... for his birth, his life, his wonderful up-bringing, his love for the Lord, his faithfulness to me and to our family, his friendship, his hard work, his dedication to our children... and the list goes on.  How richly blessed I am to have him as my husband, companion, friend.  

We started the morning with a special breakfast - a couple different kinds of muffins, scrambled eggs, strawberries, coffee and juice.  I kept asking Brian what "yummy" he wanted me to make for him, and he just couldn't decide on anything.  In the end, he decided a grilled chicken salad sounded good for dinner so I "whipped that up."  And the thought of a delicious ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery was right up his alley.  We saved going for ice cream until Sunday after church.  As usual, the ice cream was fabulous and enjoying it under a shade tree by a fountain made our time together even more fun.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SWEET HEART! 

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Eversole Crew said...

Happy Birthday Brian!