Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Trip to Macon

          Sound asleep on our trip back from Macon (and yes, they're buckled)

It's so hard to get a good picture of all 4 kids and do you see Catherine's rabbit ears?

Mary Scott had requested a picture with Nana and Pappa... but she's not cooperating!
And she's still not cooperating... doesn't make for a good picture! (but it's real life)

Had it really been a year since traveling to Macon?  My gracious how the time does fly!  We made a quick trip to visit our family in Macon and also visited the church we used to attend when we lived there.  Although our visits with both family and friends was way too short, it was great to see each of them, even if only for a few minutes.  The weekend was filled with lots of rain, a lunch outing to one of my very favorite pizza joints, Ingleside Village Pizza, a little shopping, a baby shower for one of Brian's cousins... and spread all through each of the activities, good times with people we love.  

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Heather J said...

I love the pic of the 4 on Nana's white sofa - it's cute and I love that Benjamin will wear pink - he'll have to convince his cousin that it's OK!! Oh, and how I can totally relate to the lack of cooperation at picture time - that's my life for sure!!! And then when willingness does come, Anderson is usually decked out in Superman or UGA attire! Oh well!!!! Life with little ones - how I LOVE it!