Friday, April 24, 2009


Funny how children dream of the day they get to do certain "grown up" things... the very things that make our to-do lists endless.  One of those things for Benjamin has been cutting the grass.  I sort of see it as a right of passage, a sign that my little boy, my first born and only son is indeed growing up.  So with Benjamin at the ripe age of almost 9 1/2, Brian began the teaching process... mowing the grass 101.  I'm sure this training will go on for sometime being how particular Brian is about how the grass is cut.  And I don't think Benjamin was quite as excited about it after doing it.  Actually, he was worn out - hard work pushing that mower around the yard.  So we'll see how it progresses but at least he's learning.  Way to go Benjamin!

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Heather J said...

Good job Benjamin -and when you're done, I know a yard in VA that will need a cut very very soon!!! Truly a right of passage!!!